Spring 2011 Classes

Computer Information Systems (CIS) - 1st Block

Course Description:   Students apply problem-solving skills to real-life situations through word processing, spreadsheets, databases, multimedia presentations, and integrated software activities.  Students work individually and in groups to explore computer concepts, operating systems, networks, telecommunications, and emerging technologies.  Completion of this course may prepare students for industry certifications.

Find more information about CIS here:  CIS Information


Keyboarding and Computer Applications (KCA) - 3rd Block

Course Description:  This course is designed for secondary school students to develop and enhance touch skills for entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information on a keyboard.  Students will compose a variety of personal, educational, and professional documents.  Students will utilize typing skills in producing a variety of workplace related and professional documents.


Program Assistance and Student Support (PASS) - Block 4

Course Description:  This class provides students with opportunities to build their academic skills and awareness of social issues through daily activities and to create a plan for success in their high school career.  In addition, it provides students with time to complete some homework assignments during school hours.

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