About Choral Music at Skyline Middle School

5th Grade Chorus meets every other day for one semester . Singing and American/World Music forms are the basis of this class. Music literacy is taught through rhythm activities. 
6th Grade Chorus meets every other day throughout the school year. We sing a variety of styles of music while working to achieve music literacy skills at a higher level. Students also will learn through a bell chime unit, composer project and writing lyrics to a Rap of their own.  

Chorus 7 is offered every day for a semester. Various genres of music will be studied and good vocal technique is emphasized. Music Theory and History are studied in relation to repertoire studied  A performance based class, Chorus 7 will perform 2 -- 3 times during the school year. They will perform as a group and also join Foundations of Choir to perform some songs.
Foundation of Choir meets daily for an entire school year. 8th Grade students enrolled in Foundations of Choir will earn a high school credit at the end of the year. We will continue our study of music theory and history in relation to repertoire studied in class. Good vocal technique is emphasized.  Songs in a variety of languages are sung.  F.O. C. students perform in 4 - 6 concerts a year.

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