Technology and Security page

On this page you will find information concerning recent virus outbreaks, security patches and links to sites that have information on how to rid your computers of infestations.  Also there will be information on how to keep your computers clean.

If you think your infected there are quite a few tools you can use to check and fix your issue.  Although be fair warned, after infection is not the time to try and get these tools because many viruses and malware block access to these sites and keep them from running.


The following tools are all free:

Malware Antibytes One of my new favorites.  Does a wonderful job removing a wide range of nastiness.  However, you have to do a manual scan in order for it to remove nastiness from your computer.

Spybot Search and Destroy Spybot is an extremely useful tool.  Not only will it remove threats, if you keep it up to date it will help to prevent.  It has 3 really good features that you should utilize.  The immunization feature helps to prevent your computer from accessing known bad internet sites.  The SDhelper prevents your internet browser from being hijacked.  The teatimer feature helps to prevent your computers registry from being changed.  Be warned, the teatimer feature is a powerful tool and can be very annoying.  Use only if you are fairly tech savvy.

ThreatFire I have just started using this tool.  It seems to work well and doesnt hog system resources.  It is an approach to 'Cloud Protection'.   At this minute it is rated very high (subject to change at any second).

Avast Antivirus I use this on all my home computers (with spybot and Malware antibytes) and have never gotten an infection.   Their home edition is free.

Free Panda Antivirus This is the new version of Panda for home use.  Seems to work well.  I havent done a lot of testing on this one though.  It is ranked very high.

AVG AVG's free antivirus software has been around for sometime and their new version has removed some of the weird bugs of the older versions.

CLAMWIN Clamwin is an opensource product that has been developed over a wide range of years.  its been around for sometime so you can feel fairly safe using it.  Its the same antivirus software running on thousands of mailservers (including ours), that has been adapted for Windows.  It gets better every release.

Immunet Protect Free again.  Brought to you by the team at SourceFire who brought us the OpenSource Software package called Snort (one of the best firewall IDS/IPS packages).  Its good, doesnt use a lot of resources and (lots of trumpet fanfare here) it works in conjuction with your other antivirus software.

As always you should never run more than one antivirus software (except for Immunet or Threatfire).    There are lots of tools out there to keep your computer running clean, but these are the safe ones.  You can run these without to much fear that a scan will delete or remove something that is needed for your computer to run effectively.  Whether you use one of the free antivirus or use McAfee, Norton, Sophos, or any of the other commercial internet tools you have to keep your virus software up to date in order for it to be effective.

Of course you can go the pay route.  Symantec, Mcafee, Sophos, Kapersky, Panda are all industry leaders in antivirus software.

Free Content Filters for Home Use:

K9 Web Protection: Free content filter.  They now have a PC and a Mac version.   However it works very well.  You install the software (free) setup an account and all internet on that computer gets filtered.

OpenDNS: Free Content filter based on DNS Resolvers.  Works on all internet capable devices that connect through your internet provider.  You can configure your wireless router to use OPEN DNS so that all internet traffic gets filtered for content.  You setup an account and pick what you want to be allowed or disallowed.  They also have a little program that you can install on your computer that updates your ip address so their filtering still works.