Families Working Together

On the evening of January 31 Waterman students were invited to bring their family to school to build a community we named STEMVILLE.  The event began with a meal highlighting foods served in our School Nutrition Program and ended with a design challenge in which each grade level was assigned a part of the community to build based on Social Studies and Math SOLs.  The enitre community was created using recycled materials (plus a lot of tape and some hot glue.)

A modified version of this event will be featured at HCPS STEM Day on February 23 at Valley Mall.  

STEMVILLE Completed!

One of the many bright spots of the evening was seeing the children play with their structures on the stage as they shared what they created with friends from school.

Thank You!

We extend a huge THANK YOU to Andrea Early, Executive Director of School Nutrition, and Wanda Wright, WES Cafeteria Manager, for providing a delicious and nutritious meal for everyone who attended Family I-STEM night.


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