Be calm and open.  You and the teacher are both there your child.

If you have questions you need answered, write them down so you can make sure all your concerns are addressed.

If there is a special family situation, tell the teacher.

Be sure the teacher has all the information on your child (gifted identification, ability testing, state tests)

Questions to Ask the Teacher

What do you see as some academic goals for my child this year? This allows you to have a conversation about what your child needs and what your child has already mastered.

How are students grouped?

How do you meet the academic needs of my gifted child? This gives the teacher an oppotunity to share how they are differentiating instruction for your child.

How do you think my child learns best? This asks the teacher to think about your child's learning style, which they may not have considered. Does your child like to work in a group or alone? Is your child a visual spatial learner or more linear sequential? If you know, share with the teacher so those learning environments can be provided.

How can I help? This is a question that is always welcomed by your child's teacher.


An e-mail or note to the teacher thanking them for their time will allow you the opportunity to summarize any main points you and your child's teacher discussed.


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