Ability Grouping - An instructional strategy that groups your child with others of similar ability

Flexible Grouping - Your child has an opportunity to work in a variety of groups depending on the reason for the grouping. Groups may be chosen based on your child's interest, readiness, or learning profile.

Differentiated Instruction - A philosophy of teaching that recognizes one size does not fit all. Your child has unique needs and must receive appropriate learning opportunities responsive to those needs.

Rubric - Your child's work may be evaluated and assessed using a scoring rubric. Usually it is in the form of a matrix with criteria specifically stating what must be present to receive a score

Assessments - Anything that is used to analyze your child's accomplishments against specific gols or criteria

Pre-Assessments - Often used prior to a unit of study to determine you child's baseline knowledge of the subject or content to be taught. A pre-assessment can take many forms such as the end of unit test, observation, or interview


Used with permission of Gail Collins


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