Chapter 2 Part Two: Hebrews, Assyrians, and Persians


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1. Hebrew code of laws
3. The Persian god of Zoroastrianism
4. This group was responsible for spreading the alphabet around The Mediterranean Sea.
6. The Hebrews were _______, worshipping one God.
7. This Persian religious leader founded a monotheistc religion unique to the Persian Empire.
9. Group of nomadic peoples who lived south of the Phoenicians whose religion evolved into modern Judaism.
11. Very militaristc group who defeated the kingdom of Israel scattering it throughout the Mediterranean World and into Europe.
14. The flight of the Hebrews from their Egyptian enslavement.
15. The Patriarch of the Hebrews.
17. These people were the first to learn iron smelting.
18. The Hebrew leader of the Exodus.
19. The Jewish holyland was called __________, or Canaan.
20. Rule by a king or queen.
22. The holy book of the Hebrews.
24. The Phoenicians were great ________, with advanced ships and navigation techniques.
25. Nebuchadnezzar built the famous hanging gardens of __________.
26. Groups that wander from place to place.
27. The capital of Assyrian, it contained a great library.


2. This Babylonian king destroyed the great temple of Jerusalem the first time.
5. King Solomon of Judah built a great ________ in Jerusalem that was later destroyed.
8. The capital of the kingdom of Isralel, and later, of the kingdom of Judah.
9. The elite Persian military force that never fell below 10,000 men.
10. The Persain political provinces. Were ruled by a Satrap.
12. The Persians built this road to unify their empire.
13. The relgion of the Hebrews evolved into this modern religion.
16. The scattering of the Jewish people.
21. The Persian king _________ the Great released the Jews from the Babylonian Captivity.
23. The language of the Torah.
24. Wise king who built the temple of Jerusalem.