Review CW C 3 Sec 3 and 4


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1. Chinese rulers were said to have the ________ __ __________ which followed the dynastic cycle.
4. Confucius stresses five key _______ which brought about stability in society.
5. The natural cycle of rising and falling dynasties.
6. oraclebone.jpgEarly Chinese dynasties used these to help communicate with the spirit world.
8. Confucius taught ________ ________, or, respect for ones elders.
9. Government by the land-owning elite.
11. The Way
12. yinyang.jpg
14. Confucius taught that _______ was the way to social advancement.
15. In the Qin dynasty these were inspectors who checked on governemnt officials to make sure they were doing their jobs.
16. The founder of Legalism.
17. This dynasty overthrew the Shang Dynasty.
18. Chinese philosophy that stressed the nature of man was bad and that we need strict laws with harsh punnishments.
19. Great river in China, also called the river of sorrows.
20. Philosophy that stresses harmony with nature and inaction.
22. Chinese dynasty which ruled from about 1750 to 1122 B.C.E. They were famous for their bronzes.
23. First dynasty of China.


2. terracottaarmyh.jpg
3. The Chinese developed the first ______ made from wood pulp.
7. Qin ___________________ is considered to be the first emperor of unified China.
10. Chinese philosopher who stressed five key relationships, and that the way to social advancement was through education.
13. The Shang were famous for working with this metal.
18. The founder of the Han Dynasty.
21. Founder of Daoism.