Chapter 2 Western Asia and Egypt


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1. Fertile arc of land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.
5. pyramidsgiza.jpgThis area is where you find the great pyramids.
6. The land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers was called this.
7. The Sumerians mixed copper and tin to make this metal.
8. A male-dominated society.
9. These people rode into Egypt on their chariots and conquered them, ending the Middle Kingdom.
11. These great monuments were built as tombs for the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.
12. The northern part of Egypt, near the Nile Delta.
13. The Epic of ____________ was the first recorded epic poem.
15. The first female Pharaoh.
16. A city and its surrounding territory, the basic political unit of Sumeria.
17. An Ancient Egyptian king was called a _________.
18. Hammurabi.jpgBabylonian king famous for his harsh code of laws.
20. A culture that worships many gods is said to be __________.
21. cuneiform.gifThe first written language, was invented by the Sumerians.
23. Great Pharaoh who extended Ancient Egypt to its greatest size, he is also throught to be the Pharaoh of Exodus.
25. Egyptian formal language. hieroglyphics2.jpg
26. A family that rules over an extended period of time.
29. Hammurabi was the king of ______________.
30. This Pharaoh united Upper and Lower Egypt.
31. The first period of Egyptian history, also called the pyramid age.


2. rosettastone.jpgThe discovery of this artifact allowed archaeologists to translate hieroglyphics.
3. The ___________ and Euphrates Rivers form the river valley where Sumer and Babylon emerged.
4. Ancient Egypt was said to be the "Gift" of this great river.
10. The lower part of Egypt, upstrem in the Nile River.
14. Government run by a religious authority.
17. Egyptian paper.
19. This Egyptian Pharaoh tried to make Egypt monotheistic, worshipping only Aton, the sun god.
22. ziggurat.jpgziggurat1.jpgWhat is the name of this Mesopotamian temple.
24. The Sumerians invented the _______ making transportation and trade easier.
27. The ruler of Akkad was the first empire builder.
28. The Egyptian process of preserving the body for the afterlife.