Chap 9 Section 1


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer.
Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
If an answer has more than two words, do not put a space between the words.

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  13               14        
          17    18       19      
20       21                  


1. The _________ ______________ were appointed by Charlemagne to check up on his Counts who were ruling the divisions of his empire.
4. Money for a man, value of a person in accordance with Germanic law.
5. The _______ Empire was the territory of Charlemagne.
6. The head of the Catholic Church.
7. The Carolingian _____________ was a revival of learning in Charlemagne's empire.
8. Charlemagne Charles the Great, or ____________ was the first Holy Roman Emperor.
10. A person who goes out and coverts people to a religion.
12. The home of monks.
14. The Germanic tribes used trial by _______ to determine guilt or innocence.
15. The Western Roman Empire quit having one of these in 476 A.D.
16. Church official in charge of a Parish
17. St.____________ established monastic laws and set forth several vows which monks had to take.
20. A Christian man who left society and dedicated his life to the church.
21. The head of a convent.
22. The Pope was the Bishop of this city.
23. First Christian king of the Franks
25. Charlemagne was crowned on _________ day in 800 A.D., by Pope Leo III.


2. Writing rooms where monks copied manuscripts and books.
3. Clovis converted to this religion after facing death in battle.
9. This Pope, who ruled from 590-604, greatly increased the power of the church.
11. Nuns lived in one of these.
13. The treaty of ___________ divided Charlemagne's empire after his death.
17. Church official in charge of a Diocese.
18. A woman who left society and dedicated her life to the church.
19. At this battle the Franks stopped the Muslim advance into Europe
21. The head of a monastery
24. Germanic tribe that occupied Spain and Italy until the Ostrogoths arrived.