CW C 6 S 3 and 4


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer.
Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
If an answer has more than two words, do not put a space between the words.

1             2          
3    4                   
  6           7          
  8              9       
  10           11    12        
     14      15            
     17       18           
 19           20     21        


1. astrolabe.jpgNavigation device used by sailors that determined loction by observation of the stars and planets.
3. A famous collection of Arabic folktales, fables, and romances the 1001 Nights is also known as The _________ ________.
6. An open-air market in the Muslim world.
7. muezzin.jpg The crier to calls the Muslim faithful to prayer.
8. Branch of Islam which believes that the Caliph must be a descendant of Muhammad through Fatima and Ali.
9. This European country was home to Cordoba.
10. Payment made by a bride to her husband's family.
11. mosque.jpgAn Islamic house of worship.
15. The holy book of Islam.
16. mosaic.jpgArtform which uses small pieces of glass or tile, often used to decorate mosques.
17. The daughter of Muhammad.
19. The Arabic word for God.
20. The religion which developed from the teachings of Muhammad.
22. The successor of Muhammad.


1. arabesque.jpgarabesquedoor.jpgRepeating geometric patterns often used to decorate mosques.
2. Muslim dynasty centered in Cairo Egypt.
4. Caliphate which had its capital in Baghdad.
5. Tall tower of a Mosque from which the faithful are called to prayer. minaret.jpg
12. Branch of Islam which believes the Caliph does not have to be a descendant of Muhammad, but should be a pious Muslim.
13. Muslims beleive that all people are _______ before God.
14. domeoftherock3.jpg
18. The son-in-law of Muhammad.
19. The language of the Quran.
21. The first Caliph.