Review CW Chapter 3 Sections 1 and 2 Ancient India and Hinduism


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1. Rebirth of the soul in another form.
6. Religion founded in India, a blending of Dravidian and Aryan beliefs. It stresses reincarnation, karma, and dharma.
7. The ultimate goal of Buddhism.
8. This branch of mathematics was founded in ancient India.
10. In Buddhism the core teaching are the ________ Noble Truths.
11. The ultimate goal of Hinduism, union with Brahman.
12. This mountain range to the northeast of the Indian subcontinent helped to protect it from invasion.
15. A prince of ancient India.
16. The written language of ancient India.
17. A Buddhist temple built to house relics.
19. Being stuck in the cycle of death and rebirth.
22. Someone who denies themself physicl comfort in order to seek enlightenment.
23. India is a _______________ of Asia.
24. Maurya leader who was greatly responsible for spreading Buddhism throughout Asia.
25. India had its golden age under this dynasty.
26. The original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent.
27. This river is considered sacred to Hindus. It is thought to be the source of all life.
29. It is thought that the Aryans invaded India through this mountain pass.
31. Mountain range to the northwest of the Indian subcontinent.
32. All of the actions of this life that affect your next incarnation.
33. The earliest civilizaitons of India began in this river valley.
34. Hindu and Buddhist ideal of non-violence


2. The Buddha tought that one can only discover the Four Noble Truths when one follows the _________________ Path.
3. The ________ and Upanishads are the holy texts of Hinduism.
4. People who make religious journeys are known as ___________.
5. The all-powerful spiritual force of Hinduism.
9. The rules that one must follow in order to earn good Karma, ones duty.
13. The divisions of Hindu society. They are split according to occupation.
14. __________ and Mohenjo Daro were the earliest known cities of ancient India.
18. This group is below the Caste system and are given the lowest of jobs.
20. Group from central Asia that defeated the Dravidians of India.
21. Asoka built these throughout his empire to spread the teachings of Buddhism.
28. Seasonal winds that bring rain in the summer and dry in the winter to the Indian subcontinent.
30. ______________ Gautama was the founder of Buddhism.