Rome Section Two


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   20                  21        
 22                23            


2. This philosopher emperor was the last of the Pax Romana
4. Rule by three people
6. The first Roman Emperor, he began the Pax Romana.
9. The Gracchus brothers attempted to ________ the Roman Republic.
11. Wealthy land estates that were pressuring poor farmers out of business.
15. __________ and Cleopatra took on Octavian for control of Rome and lost.
16. The 200-year period of Roman Peace.
17. Julius Caesar crossed this river in defiance of Pompey and the Senate.
18. This man along with Lepidus, and Marc Antony, formed the second triumvirate.
21. Julius Caesar was assassinated by members of the _______.
22. This general greatly changed the loyality of the Roman Army by making the soldiers loyal to the generals.
23. Province conquered by Julius Caesar, now known as France.


1. This man helped to end the Roman Republic, was declared Dictator for Life.
3. General who ordered Caesar to return to Rome.
5. This Roman Emperor built a wall in England to show the border of the Roman Empire. He also built the Pantheon.
7. This Roman Emperor expanded the Roman Empire to its greatest size.
8. In the Roman Republic the Sentate could appoint a ________ to serve for six months in a time of emergency.
10. This Egyptian Queen allied herself with both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.
12. The __________ brothers attempted to reform the Roman Republic.
13. Augustus was the first _________ of Rome.
14. This island nation became part of the Roman Empire.
19. Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra at this naval battle.
20. Roman emperor, notorious for his persecution of the Christians, who is thought to have burned Rome.