Greece Sections 1 and 2


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1. Peninsula where Sparta was located.
2. This island was the home of the city of Knossos, center of the Minoan civilization.
4. Epic poem written by Homer which told of the Hero Odysseus and his trials returning home from the Trojan war.
5. Government by a small group, Sparta had this type of government.
7. phalanx.jpgFighting Formation of Sparta.
9. Open-air market of Athens. Most public business and affairs were done here.
10. Greece was centered in this Sea.
12. Homeric Poem that told the story of the Trojan War.
14. Spartan Slaves.
16. Earliest people of the Aegean Region. They were centered on the Island of Knossos. minoanpainting.jpg
17. Athenian tyrant who codified Athenian law.
18. The Greeks tricked the Trojans by building a wooden _____ to sneak into the city.
19. Government by one person who takes power.
20. City state that controlled access to the Hellespont, or Dardanelles, strait.
21. Athenian tyrant who established the council of 500.
23. First Greek-speaking people. They overran the Minoan civilization.
24. Government by the people.
25. The city on the Island of Crete was the center of Minoan civilization.
26. spartanbattle.jpgGreek city-state that focuses on preparing for war.


1. parthenon.jpg
2. When the Greek city-state became too crowded people spread out and formed _________ elsewhere.
3. Rule by a king or queen.
6. Sparta had a lifestyle based on this.
8. A Greek city-state.
10. Athens was found on this peninsula.
11. Athenian Tyrant who ended debt slavery.
13. Government by a small group of land owners.
14. homer.jpgBlind poet who is credited with writing the Iliad and Odyssey.
15. The Mycenaean people were the first to speak this language.
22. The upper part of a Greek city, usually the home to the temples.