Mrs. Walton

World Studies One


Chapter 1: Early Man and Beginnings of Civilization

PowerPoint for Notes Chapter 1: Early Man

Review Puzzle Unit One: Early Man

Map Quiz Early Man


Chapter 2: Fertile Crescent and Egypt

PowerPoint for Notes Chapter 2 Section 1

PowerPoint for Notes Chapter 2 Section 2 (Egypt)

PowerPoint for Notes Chapter 2 Section 3

PowerPoint for Notes Chapter 2 Section 4

Map Quiz Ancient Middle East

Part One: Mesopotamia and Egypt

Part Two: Hebrews, Assyrians, and Persians


Chapter 3: Ancient India and China

PowerPoint Chapter 3

Part One: Ancient India and Hinduism

Part Two: Chinese Dynasties

Hinduism / Buddhism Matching Exercise

Map Quiz Chapter 3: India and China


Chapter 4: Ancient Greece

PowerPoint Chapter 4

Map Quiz Ancient Greece

Practice Test Chapter 4

Mythology Match-up: What were they the god of?

Mythology Match-up: Greek name to Roman name

CW Greece Sec 1 and 2

CW Greece Part 2: Section 3

CW Greece Part 3: Section 4


Chapter 5: Ancient Rome

PowerPoint Chapter 5: Rome

Map Quiz Ancient Rome

Practice Test Rome

CW Rome Part 1: Section 1

CW Rome Part 2: Section 2

CW Rome Part 3: Section 3 Roman Art and Architecture

CW Rome Part 4: Section 4 Roman Religion and the Rise of Christianity

CW Rome Part 5: Decline and Fall of the Empire


Practice Test for Chapters 6 and 7 Combined

Chapter 6: The Muslim World

PowerPoint Chapter 6: The World of Islam

Map Quiz: Muslim World

CW Chapter 6 Sections 1 and 2 Islam

CW Chapter 6 Sections 3 and 4 Muslim Culture/Achievements


Chapter 7: Early Civilizations of Africa

PowerPoint Chapter 7: Climate and Civilizations of Africa

Map Quiz: Ancient Africa

Crossword Chapter 7 Ancient African Kingdoms


Chapter 8: Asia

Map Quiz: Asia


Chapters 9 and 10: The Middle Ages and Byzantine Empire

PowerPoint Chapter 9: Early Middle Ages and Byzantine Empire

PowerPoint Chapter 10: High Middle Ages

Practice Test (Does not include Maps, see separate quiz for those)

Middle Ages Match-Up: People

Romanesque vs Gothic Architecture Match-up

Great Schism Match-up

CW C 9 S 1

CW C 9 S 2

CW C 9 S 3 and 4

Map Quiz Chapter 9 part 1

CW C 10 Sec 1 and 2

CW C 10 S 3 and 4

Map Test C 9 and 10


Chapter 11

PowerPoint Mesoamerican Civilizations


Chapter 12

PowerPoint on The Renaissance