CW Chapter 7 Ancient Africa


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1. Great geologic fault in East Africa which includes the Red Sea.
2. Tropical grasslands
3. In Ghana they traded gold for this.
4. When the Mali king Mansu Musa made his _____ to Mecca he spent so much gold that he lowered the price of the resource.
5. Storytellers.
6. The kingdom of Axum practiced this religion.
9. Longest river in Africa, and the world.
10. Most early African farmers were ________ farmers, only growing enough for their families.
11. Kingdom of west Africa that was called the land of gold. Its capital was Saleh.
14. Africa has several high flat areas, or ____________s.
15. When lineage is traced through the mother.
18. Arab merchants brought this religion to east Africa helping to create the Swahili culture.
19. The semi-arid region on the edge of the desert.
21. Christian kingdom in the near the Horn of Africa, part of present-day Ethiopia.
23. Mighty river in West Africa.


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2. This kingdom of West Africa had Gao as its capital and controled trade with the conquest of Timbuktu and Jenne.
3. Great desert in Northern Africa.
7. Desert in Southwestern Africa.
8. African civilization found between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers.
12. In west Africa this precious metal was traded for salt.
13. Civilization found to the south of Egypt, also known as Kush.
15. West African civilization with the capital city of Timbuktu.
16. A sharp cliff on the edge of a plateau.
17. Migratory farmers from West Africa.
20. Lineage traced through the fater.
22. Great River in Central Africa, also the name of a Rain Forest.