Rome Part 5: Section 5 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


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1. This emperor moved the capital of the Empire from Rome to Byzantium and changed the name to Constantinople.
4. Poor ________ moved to the cities causing unemployment and overcrowding.
5. German barbarians who sacked Rome.
6. Greek city that became the capital of the Eastern Empire before having its name changed.
8. The eastern Roman Empire later became known as the _____ empire.
9. Disease that killed off part of the population.
11. The Roman ________ fell in 476 A.D.
12. Barbarian group that attacked into Italy from Northern Africa, the word Vandalism comes from them.
13. This became the language of the Eastern Empire.
14. Barbarian group from Central Asia that pushed other groups into the Roman Empire.
15. Latin was the language for the Roman Empire in the ____.


2. The devaluation of currency.
3. Roman emperor who divided the empire into east and west.
7. Loyality in the ________ suffered because of the hiring of mercenaries.
8. Constantinople was located on this narrow waterway.
10. Language of the Western Empire.
16. The empire in the ______ remained profitable long after the fall of Rome.