Rome C 5 S 4 Roman Religion and the Development of Christianity


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       28    29                       


1. Roman govenor who tried Jesus.
3. Roman goddess of love and beauty.
4. First Christian emperor or Rome.
5. Roman god of the underworld.
6. Part of the Christian Bible that tells the story of Jesus and early Christianity.
7. This is how Jesus was killed.
9. Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus.
12. The ______ are named after the Roman gods.
13. Roman messenger god.
14. A govenor of a Roman province.
15. Roman god of the sea.
17. Common people within the Christian church.
18. Roman king of the gods.
19. In 70 A.D. the Romans put down the Jewish ____ and destroyed the temple.
20. Roman god of war.
21. Sect of Jews who lived apart from society and believed in being secluded.
22. The members of the Christian church who run services and have official positions.
23. Someone who dies for their beleifs.
24. Group of Jews who believed they should overthrow Roman rule.
26. The founder of Christianity.
27. Roman Emperor who persecuted the Christians.
28. THe Romans believed that the emperor was a ______.


1. This Christian convert is greatly responsible for spreading Christianity throughout the Mediterranean.
2. Constantin passed the ______ __ ________, which granted religious tolerance throughout the Roman Empire.
3. Roman god of fire, blacksmith of the gods.
8. Meaning "Good News", these are the four books of the Christian Bible that tell the life and teachings of Jesus.
10. Group of Jews who believed in strict adherence of the Jewish laws.
11. Roman province that included the Jewish province of Judah.
13. Roman goddess of wisdom.
16. westwalldome.jpgThe Romans destroyed the Jewish ______ in 70 A.D., beginning the second diaspora.
25. Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.
26. Roman goddess of marriage and the wife of the king.
29. Roman goddess of the hunt.