CW C 10 S 3 and 4


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer.
Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
If an answer has more than two words, do not put a space between the words.

1            2             
   3      4                
       6            7      
     10     11         12   13       
       16      17            
 18    19       20               
        25    26             


1. This man wrote Summa Theologica.
4. During the __________ Ferdinand and Isabella wanted to make Spain a purely Catholic nation.
5. The langue of education at Medieval Universities.
6. The ________ _____________ occureed when there were two popes.
8. The Bubonic plague, also known as the _________ _______, killed off a large percentage of the European popuation.
9. The first battle of the 100 years war.
12. Style of Architecture which allowed more light by using ribbed walls and vaulted ceilings.
14. Older style of architecture which was dark and gloomy with small windows and rounded arches.
15. The parasitic insects spread the plague.
16. The language of the common people.
20. Ferdinand and Isabella ruled this nation.
21. Style of teaching of Medieval universities.
22. The first university was here.
24. The study of religious matters.
25. The French popes were centered here.


1. Scholastic work written by St. Thomas Aquinas.
2. Intellectual discipline which stressed the reconcilliation of Reason and Religion.
3. A tax.
7. The Euroepans called a North African Muslim a ______.
10. French peasant girl who helped turn the tide of the 100 years war.
11. Center of higher learning in the Middle Ages.
13. University founded in London.
17. Battle of the Hundred Years War where the muddle battlefield spelled doom for the French knights.
18. When one graduated from a University one received a ______.
19. The plague began in this nation.
23. Czech reformer who called reform in the Catholic Church. He was burned as a heretic.
26. Russian leader who ended Mongol rule.