CW C 9 S 3 and 4


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer.
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If an answer has more than two words, do not put a space between the words.

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9               10          
            13     14        
 17                18        
      20       21            
23             24            
 25     26                   
 28         29               
 30           31             


1. The split between the Catholic and Orthodox church was called the great __________.
3. The greatest accomplishment of Emperor Justinain was the ______ ___ _______________.
5. Viking group which settled in Russia.
6. William of ____________ became the king of England after the Battle of Hastings.
7. French Dynasty established by Hugh Capet.
8. _______-_________ in Europe increased during the Crusades became the Crusaders blamed the Jews for killing Jesus.
9. This Archbiship of Centerbury was killed by four rogue knights of King Henry II.
10. calphabet.jpgAlphabet created by St. Cyril to translate the Slavic language.
12. Thomas Becket the Archbishop of ___________ faught with Henry II over the right to try church officials in royal courts.
13. The Byzantine Capital of Constantinople was located on this narrow waterway which separates Europe and Asia.
16. French Parliament.
18. Dominat ethnic group of Eastern Europe and western Russia.
19. Great racetrack and sporing arena of Constantinople
21. Hugh Capet was the first king of modern ________.
22. This document signed by the English King John limited the power of the English Monarchy.
23. This city was at the center of the Crusades.
24. The language of the Catholic Church.
25. Founder of the first French Dynasty.
27. Greatest Byzantine Emperor.
28. Unlucky English king who lost power for the Monarchy.
30. The battles to "take back" the holy land from the Muslims.
32. St. __________ created the Cyrillic alphabet to create a written language for the slavs.
34. This Pope called the first crusade.


2. English king who established common law.
3. Capital of the Byzantine Empire.
4. Wife of Emperor Justinian.
10. King Henry II of England est. ________ _______ by having his Judges travel and try cases throughout his kingdom.
11. The church of holy wisdom, built by emperor Justinian.
14. French capital.
15. Language of the Orthodox church.
17. Original capital of Russia.
20. The English legislature, made up of the House of Lords and House of Commons.
21. The Crusades were an ultimate ___________.
26. At the Battle of _______________ William of Normandy became king of England.
29. This city became the capital of Russia after the overthrow of Mongol rule.
30. At the Council of ____________ Pope Urban II called the first crusade.
31. Both _________ the I and II wasted time battling the Pope weakening the Holy Roman Empire.
33. Great Muslim general who retook Jerusalem and showed compassion to its inhabitants.