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1. Code of behavior for knights.
3. Province of France given to the Vikings.
4. The primary lord to whom the vassal owed supreme loyality.
6. Land given to a vassal by a lord.
7. These stone structures were built primarily for defense.
8. Activities where knighs could practice their fighting skills.
9. Poor farmers who woried the land of the Fief.
10. Nordic warriors who invaded and terrorized Europe.
11. Barbarian group that settled in modern-day Hungary
13. Both chain______ and plate______ were two styles of armour.
14. knightfight2.jpg


1. The feudal ___________ was the set of obligations a vassal owned to a lord.
2. A mounted warrior of the middle-ages.
5. A lord gave land to a ________.
6. Governmental system based on the ownership of land.
12. Viking __________, with their shallow keel, were able to navigate in both deep and shallow water.