Rome C 5 S 1


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    14            15       
  16    17        18           


2. Rome is centered in this sea.
3. Two of these were elected for 1, 1 year term by the Senate in the Roman Republic.
4. The first codification of Roman Law.
5. The upper-class nobles of the Roman Republic.
6. Rome fought the _______________ against Carthage.
10. Rome's first form of government after the overthrow of the Etruscans was the Roman _________.
11. What type of landform is Italy.
12. Roman historian who extoled the virtues of Rome.
14. General from Carthage who launched a surprise attack on Rome in the second Punic War.
15. There were _________ Punic Wars.
16. Mountain range to the north of the Italian Peninsula.
18. Elected representatives of the Plebeians.
19. Rome is found on the ________ peninsula.
20. Hannibal decided to commit ________, rather than allow himself to be captured.
21. Rome was built on this river.


1. After the Tweleve tables the ______ ___ ____________ was developed to apply to all people in Rome's territory.
5. The lower-class of the Roman Republic.
7. The Punic Wars began over a dispute of this island.
8. The Romans were under a Monarchy of the ___________ until the establishment of the Roman Republic.
9. Hannibal used these animals in his surprise attack on Rome.
12. Rome is located on this plain.
13. City that was Rome's advesary in the Punic Wars.
17. Rich river-valley in Northern Italy.
20. The Law-making body of the Roman Republic.