Technology Standards

Grades 6-8

Basic Operations and Concepts
C/T 6-8.1    The student will demonstrate knowledge of the nature and operation of technology systems.
•    Describe how technology impacts learning.
•    Explore how software and hardware are developed to respond to the changing needs of technology.
•    Describe compatibility issues, between various types of technology.

C/T6-8.2    The student will demonstrate proficiency in the use of technology.
•    Understand that hardware and software have different operating systems that may affect their use.
•    Use self-help features such as online tutorials and manuals to learn to use hardware and software.

Social and Ethical Issues
C/T 6-8.3    The student will demonstrate knowledge of ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology.
•    Demonstrate knowledge of current changes in information technologies.
•    Explain the need for laws and policies to govern technology.
•    Explore career opportunities in technology related careers.

C/T 6-8.4     The student will practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software.
•    Demonstrate the correct use of fair use and copyright regulations.
•    Demonstrate compliance with the school division’s Acceptable Use Policy and other legal guidelines.

C/T 6-8.5    The student will demonstrate knowledge of technologies that support collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity.
•    Work collaboratively and/or independently when using technology.
•    Practice preventative maintenance of equipment, resources, and facilities.
•    Explore the potential of the Internet as a means of personal learning and the respectful exchange of ideas and products.

 Technology Research Tools
C/T 6-8.6    The student will use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
•    Use databases and spreadsheets to evaluate information.
•    Use technology resources such as calculators and data collection probes for gathering information.
•    Use Internet and other electronic resources to locate information in real time.

C/T 6-8.7    The student will evaluate and select new information resources and technological innovations based on the appropriateness for specific tasks.
•    Use search strategies to retrieve information.
•    Evaluate the accuracy, relevance, and appropriateness of electronic information sources.

Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools
C/T 6-8.8    The student will use technology resources for solving problems and making informed decisions.
•    Employ technology in the development of strategies for solving problems.
•    Use a variety of technologies to identify and provide possible solutions to real-world problems.
•    Use content-specific tools, software, and simulations such as environmental probes, graphic calculators, exploratory environments, and web tools.
•    Participate in collaborative problem-solving activities.
•    Select and use appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Technology Communication Tools
C/T 6-8.9    The student will use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.
•    Choose the appropriate tool, format, and style to communicate information.
•    Independently use technology tools to create and communicate for individual and/or collaborative projects.
•    Produce documents demonstrating the ability to edit, reformat, and integrate various software tools.


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