Ms. Roach

Litaracy Skills:  We are working on raising comprehension levels, as well as general reading and writing levels.  Our emphasis is on building the basic skills while focusing on comprehension strategies.   This focuses on reading comprehension, strategy, and vocabulary acquisition.

English 10:  Our primary focus is on writing as we will be taking the SOL writing test this year.  We will also be using current events to further our understanding of literature and culture.  Our classes will enjoy respectful discussions of many universal topics. 


Contact Info:

                     Phone number:  540-810-5472  (home)

                                              433-2651  (school)  room 457


Schedule:    Block 1A Literacy Skills

                   Block 3A  Literacy Skills with Mrs. Whetzel

                   Blocks 4A Literacy Skills

                   Block 1B  English 10

                   Block 2B English 10 with Mrs. Bolyard

                   Block 3B  English 10

Last updated: September 14, 2015


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