Bullying Prevention Month Activities

Pledge Day, October 23

During each lunch wave, students were encouraged to sign a pledge that read:

“I pledge to respect others and treat them with kindness.”  We had so many students who wanted to sign the pledge that we had to double our size of the area for signing. 


Wordle Activity in Social Studies classes:

Students and teachers discussed community and respect in their classrooms.  Then, students were asked to write down one word answers to the question, “When you hear the word respect, what do you think of?”  A Wordle was created for each class and displayed in classrooms as well as a bulletin board inside the Counseling Center.


Mrs. Jackson’s Teen Living classes created a bulletin board





English teachers at all grade levels led their classes through a discussion about the importance of creating a feeling of community at THMS.  Then, students expanded on their thoughts through written responses for this writing prompt:

“We’d like to hear your thoughts.  Tell us how you define community and give us suggestions on ways our school can increase a positive feeling of “community pride” at THMS.

The writing prompts will be shared on a bulletin board when space becomes available.


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