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Waterman Elementary
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Harrisonburg, VA 22802
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It has been a great year in Room 114!  Thank you for your help in making it a great year for your wonderful child.  Summer is a great time for fun and relaxing, but please remember to do some reading, writing and math.  

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

At Waterman, we believe:

  1. All students learn.
  2. Learning is the priority of our school.
  3. Students develop skills to meet or exceed state standards.
  4. A safe, positive, and inviting school facilitates student learning and develops respectful behavior.
  5. Collaboration and differentiated instruction maximize student success.
  6. The appreciation of differences and diversity within our community is essential to building a positive school community.
  7. Partnering with families is a key factor in student success.



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