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Be sure to check out fall science opportunities on the HCPS Science Page!

Honors Biology

Honors biology is a course designed for students who are pursuing a concentration on the science/math field.  The class will be made up of lectures, readings, and laboratory activities that approach biology from a biochemical and molecular aspect.  We will look at life through all of the levels of organization, from the cell to the organism.

Honors Earth Science

This introductory Earth Science course will investigate the scientific concepts related to our planet as well as other celestial bodies.  The course examines Earths natural resources, Earth processes, and the interactions of Earth’s processes.  Students will have the opportunity to explore how meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, and geology relate to and impact the environment in which they live. 

Students will engage in discussions and gain basic understandings that will help students make decisions on issues that will affect their own lives and those of future generations.  Activities will include lectures, readings, laboratory activities, computer software, student-centered discussions, and projects.

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