Word Study words come home on Monday (Tuesday if there is no school on Monday) and will be used for two weeks.

Word Study Suggestions

These are suggested activities to practice word study on throughout the week.  These are just suggestions.  Feel free to do whatever you did last year if that is more comfortable.  We are just trying to provide some options.  


  • Rainbow words:  Write your words using 3 colors.
  • Waterfall words:  c



  • Word sort
  • Practice spelling test
  • Speed sort:  set timer to see how fast you can sort your words
  • Back Writing:  Use your finger to write the words on a parent’s back and see if your parent can guess the word.
  • Flashlight writing:  use a flashlight to write the words on a wall in a dark room.
  • Delicious words:  Write your words in peanut butter, cool whip, pudding or other fun food.

3D words:  use play-doh or cooked noodles to make your words.  

Math:  Math packets come home on Monday.  Students have all week to complete the packet.  Math homework is a review of what students have been working on in class.  

Reading:  Students should be reading for 20 minutes nightly.  

Please return the homework assignment sheet on Friday with Reading log completed and signed by an adult.  


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