Welcome to Ms. Campbell's 7th Grade Science Class!


Welcome to an adventure of Life Science class at THMS. Life science is the study of living things and how they interact. It covers such topics as the characteristics, classification, and behaviors of organisms, and the interactions they have with each other and with the natural environment.


  1. Scientific method & measurements  (LS 1)
  2. Ecology – Cycles in Nature  (LS 6)
  3. Ecology – Interactions & Adaptations  (LS 7, 8, 9, 10)
  4. Ecology – Human Impact  (LS 11)
  5. Characteristics of Living Things & Cell Structures and Functions (LS 2, 3)
  6. Transmission of Genetic Information & Evolution  (LS 12, 13)
  7. Classification  (LS 4)
  8. Photosynthesis  (LS 5)

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