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Repository of Resource Links

APUSH Course and Exam Description:

Gilder Lehrman Institute:
  • The awesomeness of this site cannot be overstated.  This site houses a wealth of resources designed specifically to help students meet the requirements of the new APUSH standards.  It is organized by period and has links to videos, documents, timelines and essays that relate specifically to everything you need to know.  Go to this site (Link to Webpage).
AP Notes
  • Chapter notes from the American Pageant 12th edition.  Differences between 12th edition and ours (14th) are negligible.  (Link to Webpage)
Course Notes: Leaving this here for vocab help, but the link is to an older
                      edition of our textbook, so be aware.
  • A wealth of resources including chapter outlines for the American Pageant 14th edition (notes link).  You may also find the "vocabulary terms" section useful in making notecards. There are also practice quizzes, but they are maddeningly organized alphabetically instead of chronologically. (Link to Webpage)
  • There is a ton of stuff on this page, but I have linked you specifically to content review quizzes - the part I have found most useful.  For the most part, I would use these quizzes to check my understanding following readings or as a study tool before assessments. (Link to Webpage)
Pageant AP Tests: Right now these are linked to an older edition, but I am
                           working to get us something that works directly with the
  • These are content quizzes created to work with Pageant 11th edition.  You may like these better than the Historyteacher.net quizzes, or not, but now you have a choice. (Link to Webpage).
Education Portal APUSH:
  • This is a site that offers video content reviews and strategies for successful test taking.  Especially noteworthy is the effort to prepare students for the specific sections of the new APUSH exam.  There is a paid component to their program, but I have been able to access a lot of helpful stuff for free
  • Hunt through this one.  There are review videos on each concept, along with some larger exam reviews.  I am specifically linking this because of the video reviews for each concept divided by time periond (found on the New APUSH Curriculum drop down menu).
AP Pass:
  • A score calculator that will help you figure out your performance on practice tests, or make educated guesses on your potential performance on the APUSH exam.

Student Work Resources

AP Squared:

Supplemental Project:
  • Project description - Supplemental Projects will be submitted on test days for each unit.
  • A way to align content with the Thematic Learning Objectives.  One of three accepted strategies for homework completion.
Tom Richey Videos
  • This is an example of the types of video lecture you can find on Youtube.  This guy has a channel that deals with APUSH as well as AP Euro, so pick your videos.  If you don't think this is your guy, but you like the idea of video lecture in general, look around.  There are a gozillion options.
Jocz Productions:
  • This is the you tube page for Jocz, who has more than just writing videos.  There are a lot of content videos and review videos, and there are chapter videos for Bailey.

Fun Stuff

US Expansion Gif: An unstoppable gif illustrating the process of expansion accross territory as it becomes the United States.

US States Map Game: Play this geography game.  Know where everythying is happening!

Presidents Song: There are a ton of these, but this is my favorite.  Learn it!

Presidents Quiz: Think you know the presidents in order?  Try this quiz and see how you do.

Crash Course History: A series of 10 minute (+/-) video reviews.  These are fun and informative.

Cool graphic of presidents and political parties over time.  A quick, one glance reference.

Writing Help

Short Answer Video: This guy is a little weird, but here is an overview of expectations on the Short Answer portion of the test.

Long Essay Video: Weird guy breaks down the Long Essay writing component of the revised APUSH Exam.

Tom Richey DBQ Video: This is a clear explanation of DBQ using the rubric we are using in our class.  Many of you may be familiar with Tom Richey, who also creates materials for Euro.  This lesson is taught in three parts, and the first (linked) video will be followed by the next two.

Introductory paragraph and thesis statement video: This video makes suggestions about how to structure your intro and how to deliver a strong APUSH thesis.

Jocz DBQ Video: This is the DBQ video from the weird guy, who seems to have developed something of a cult following among our APUSH students.

Education Portal Test-Taking Skills Page: This is a link to a specific portion of the Educational Portal site linked above.  Here you will find some strategic support for both the multiple choice component of the APUSH exam and the writing portions.  Included are video instruction, writing advice, and samples.