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Advanced Placement US History

World History to the Present

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Mr. Blair

APUSH Test Prep Schedule:

Weekday After School Content Reviews:

These can be flexible according to the needs of the students in attendance, but a good guideline would be to address the concept outline in each period, offering discussion and support on concepts themselves along with contextual and content support.  Reviews will run from 2:45 to 4, which means that I can provide transportation home under the auspices of ACE to anyone who needs a ride (assuming ACE isn't cancelled on any of these dates).

Saturday Reviews:

These reviews will respond to the needs of the students in attendance.  They are not typically organized by period, but rather by topic.  For example, we might study SCOTUS decisions, or the evolution of political parties over time.  Typically, we create resources as a group based on that type of question.  The reviews will start at 9 and run to about noon, although we can be flexible on those times, too.

If anyone is dealing with conflicts on these dates, please let me know.  Nothing is set in stone.