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Mr. Beers received his Bachelor of Arts from Houghton College and Master of Arts from The Ohio State University.  He taught Biology at Harding High School in Marion, Ohio for eight years before moving to China for two years.  In the People's Republic of China, Mr. Beers taught Life Science and math at QSI- the International School of Shekou.  But, Mr. Beers is glad to be back here in America, for his fifth year at Harrisonburg High School.

Mr. Beers

Anatomy & Physiology and Ecology

Email: cbeers@harrisonburg.k12.va.us 


1st Block: Anatomy & Physiology (Room 116)

2nd Block: Prep Room (Room 120)

3rd Block: Anatomy & Physiology (Room 135)

4th Block: Anatomy & Physiology (Room 124)

Lab Safety

Science class (especially the lab) contains inherent dangers.  We will be working with glassware, chemicals, heat, and sharp objects that may potentially cause harm, permanent injury, or worse.  The teacher is required to share the Harrisonburg High School safety rules (and I have done so, with an assessment to ensure understanding).  In addition, each student is required to read, study, and constantly review the lab safety contract.  This contract must be signed by both the student and the parent before labs may be attempted.  Mr. Beers has been trained and is knowledgable about the HHS safety rules and made it a point to ascertain understanding by each student, but even with all these safety precautions, all students and parents must be aware that injury is possible.  Mr. Beers will work to ensure the safest lab experience possible, but students are also responsible to themselves wear lab safety goggles, gloves, and follow any other safety precautions for each lab.