How are students graded in P.E.?

 E -Excellent, S-Satisfactory, or an N- Needs Improvement


  • Trying their best
  • Not giving up
  • Staying on task

Personal and Social Behaviors

  • Following the rules and being safe
  • Cooperating with others
  • Being respecful to self, others, and equipment

Skill and Content Knowledge 

  • Demonstrating physical skills
  • Verbally stating cues to performing skills
  • Written/Oral assessments
Grade Descriptors  
Excellent- Student demonstrates behaviors consistently and is at or above grade level for skill/content knowledge.
Satisfactory- Student demonstrates behaviors most of the time and is at or slightly below skill/content knowledge.
Needs Improvement- Student  demonstrates behaviors occasionally and is below grade level for skill/content OR student demonstrates behaviors rarely and are at or below grade level for skill/content knowledge.

Physical Education Rules and Expectations

Be Safe

  • Do not slide on the floor
  • Wear correct shoes, such as tennis shoes or sneakers (no sandals, flip-flops, cowboy boots etc.)
  • Do not touch equipment against wall or that we aren't using
  • Keep hands/feet to self
  • Follow directions
  • Use equipment correctly and safely
  • Be in a good space 
Be Respectful

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Look and listen to the teacher/speaker
  • Take care of the equipment
  • Follow directions
  • Stay on task
Try Your Best

  • Give 100%
  • Realize that your best may be different than someone else's best
  • Never give up 
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Let the teacher know when you aren't feeling your best

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