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HHS Choirs

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Welcome to the Harrisonburg High School Choral Department! The HHS Choral Department includes four performing ensembles: Honors Choir, Women's Camerata Choir, Treble Choir, and Men's Choir. Ms. Houff teaches the four choral performance classes, Musical Threatre, and is one of the teachers in the Fine Arts Academy.

Contact Info

Ms. Houff's email: bhouff@harrisonburg.k12.va.us

Work Phone: 540.433.2651

Ms. Houff's 2018-2019 Teaching Schedule

"A" Days                                                 "B" Days

Block 1: Honors Choir                             Block 1: Treble Choir/Women's Concert

Block 2: Men's Choir                               Block 2: Musical Theatre

Block 3: Planning                                    Block 3: Planning

Block 4: Fine Arts Academy                     Block 4: Women's Camerata