Love for Learning is in the Air!

The days are finally getting longer and the temperatures are warming up! We are learning a lot, but our students are also developing a love for learning this month! As we all begin to think about our upcoming tests in the Spring (the SOLs), students and teachers agree that we all need to be lifelong learners. So whether it's math homework or just reading a fun book, learning to love learning is as important as studying for this week's quiz!! Happy February, everyone!

February is also the month that we will be testing the ESL students in our schools, so if your child talks about a test that measures how much English they know, that's the ACCESS state language test. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Helpful Acronyms

Here are a few of the many acronyms used when talking about ESL. I hope this helps--it's easy to get confused!

ESL--English as a Second Language

ESOL--English for Speakers of Other Languages

ACCESS--the state test that all ESL students in Virginia take each year to measure their English language proficiency levels.

ELL--English Language Learner

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