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Welcome to Kindergarten!

During our morning, students have been learning how to use the smartboard for their calendar routine. Then, we work on reading and writing skills as the students are engaged in four small reading groups, writing in their journals, and listening to read alouds.

During the afternoon, we use manipulatives to help learn, understand, and talk about math concepts. 

At the end of each day we work on science and social studies standards by reading vocabulary rich content books and doing hands on activities. 

I love teaching kindergarten at Stone Spring!

:) Mrs. Williams

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4th Nine Weeks Units

This nine weeks we will be working on: 



Telling Time to the Hour

Addition Stories

Subtraction Stories


Social Studies

Needs and Wants

Independence Day


Living and Nonliving

Plant Life Cycle


Ladybug Life Cycle

Frog Life Cycle



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