HCPS STEM Explorations

The STEM Explorations Academy program is an integrative science and engineering course that spans two periods, one core period and one elective period. Students in 7th grade will meet the requirements for Life Science (Standards of Learning) and Introduction to Technology and students in 8th grade will meet the requirements for Physical Science and Technology Foundations (tech competencies), but will do so very differently than if they were taking separate courses. Most units will be based on an open-ended engineering design challenge where students will work in teams to design and build a solution to the problem. Other units will look more like those in a traditional science or engineering class. 

Mrs. Sabarre's 7th grade classes 6th and 7th period 12:37-2:27

7th grade Life Science STEM

The focus of the seventh grade science curriculum is on living organisms.  We will start the year with a review of the scientific process and the role of experimentation.  The rest of the year is spent studying the characteristics of living organisms and, more specifically, different levels of organization and forms of life on earth.  We will study everything from the simplest forms of life such as the bacteria, to more complex living organisms such as plants, insects and animals.  Along with this investigation of living organisms, we will look at the ecology of different environments into which living organisms have adapted and how those adaptations occur.  Lastly, we will learn how traits are passed from one generation to another.

Curriculum Pacing
1st 9 weeks
Scientific Method - beginning and throughout the year
Ecology - Flow of Energy
Ecology - Cycles in Nature
Ecology - Inva. Species & Human Impact

2nd 9 weeks
Characteristics of Living Things
Cell Processes
3rd 9 weeks
Natural Selection
4th 9 weeks

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