From The Principal's Desk

It is a delight to serve as the principal at Keister Elementary School!  This is my eleventh year at Keister and I am grateful for the opportunity to come together each day with our staff, families and school community to CELEBRATE LEARNING. At Keister, we believe in purposeful learning and knowing our students well.  We work carefully to design an instructional program that meets the individual needs of every student.  We encourage every child to find and share their voice as they actively participate and set goals for their own learning.  

We invite you to come and visit our school!  Our students and families are from many countries and speak many languages.   We value collaboration, community building and the development of cultural understanding.  Together, we work to help every child develop confidence as they relate to others, solve problems, explore new concepts and learn new content.



Harrisonburg City Schools - Where learning has no limits and together, we work for the success of all! 

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Last Updated: January 2016

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