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Physical fitness is the ability to carry out daily activities with alertness and vigor.  One should be able to accomplish these tasks without unusual fatigue.  The person should have ample energy to enjoy leisure pursuits.  Physical activity should be fun and enjoyable.  Regular physical activity contributes to good health, function, learning, well-being and is important throughout a person's life.

Five basic components of fitness

You should exercise vigorously at least three times a week for at least twenty minutes and moderately for an hour a day.  Proper warm up and cool down should always be included in any physical activity.  The Spotswood Elementary physical education program incorporates within the lesson design activities that specifically target the components of fitness.  Some of the goals for the students in physical education class are to learn why physical fitness is important and how to improve their fitness levels.  Nutrition is also being incorporated into movement activities..

Fitness Testing

The Harrisonburg City physical education program uses the Fitnessgram  Fitness Testing Program.  The goals of the Fitnessgram are to promote enjoyable regular physical activity and to provide a wellness-related fitness assessment for our students.  This program is based on the belief that wellness-related fitness is for everyone, is for a lifetime, and is fun.  Two important aspects of this program that are beneficial to the student are the Wellness Zone and the option to use different tests.

The Fitnessgram Fitness Test Items

Abdominal Strength
     cadence curl-up test
Aerobic Capacity
     the PACER
     one mile run
Upper Body Strength
     flexed arm hang
     back-saver sit and reach
     trunk lift
     shoulder stretch

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