*Each unit lasts for a 6-day rotation.  Students have p.e. 2x in the rotation.


A  Orientation/Cooperative Activities

B  Basic skills

C  Fitness

D  Fitness

E  Fitness (p.e. plan)


F Soccer/Hockey

G Hockey/Soccer

H Soccer

I  Sport Stacking

J Jump Rope (HW/HK 1)

K Volleyball (HW/HK 2)

L Volleyball (HW/HK 3)

M Rhythms (HW/HK 4)

N Rhythms (HW/HK 5)

O Large group games, short rope(HW/HK 6)

P Gymnastics – floor

Q Gymnastics – apparatus

R long rope/juggling

S Basketball

T Basketball

U softball skills

V softball skills

W Track and field/lacrosse

X Lacrosse/track and field

Y Fitness testing

Z Fitness testing

AA Fitness testing

BB Racquet sports/Golf concepts

CC Golf concepts/Racquet sports

DD Disc Sports




A Orientation/Cooperative Activities

B Frz. & Go, pers, space, loco

C Gen. spc., loco.

D Levels/relationship words

E Throw (under.) and catch, body


F Directions and overhand throw

G Effort awareness

H  Pathways/Kicking

I  Sport Stacking

J  Kicking/Non Locomotor Skills

K Striking with Body Parts

L  Striking with Body Parts

M  Fitness/Nutrition

N Rhythms

O Short rope

 P Gymnastics – floor

Q Gymnastics – apparatus

R Long rope/juggling

S Basketball – dribble, pass, shoot

T Basketball Stations

U Jumping & Landing/Long rope

V Throw & Catch

W Parachute

X Throw and catch w/implements

Y Track and field

Z Review stations

AA Large group games

BB Striking – short handles

CC Striking – long handles

DD Review stations

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