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My name is Andy Jackson. I was born and raised in Harrisonburg and just like my parents, graduated from HHS!  I am the director of the HHS Governor's STEM Academy and teach physics in the Technology & Engineering pathway of the Academy. I am also the secondary science coordinator for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.  In addition to my position with HCPS I am a part time faculty member in the physics department at JMU where I teach one lab section each semester.  

I received my degree in physics from JMU and find both the content of the subject area and the art and science of the teaching and learning of it fascinating.

I am very active with regard to science education in the state and nation. I have been president and am an active member of the Virginia Instructors of Physics and the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. I am also a member of Virginia Science Educators Leadership Association, Virginia Association of Curriculum Directors, and the National Association of Science Teachers.  I was one of approximately fifty writers of the Next Generation science Standards which is a state lead effort towards common science standards across the Unites States.

Andrew Jackson

director of HHS Governor's STEM Academy

Honors Physics teacher in HHS Governnor's STEM Academy

Secondary Science Coordinator

email ajackson@harrisonburg.k12.va.us

office phone (540) 433-2651 ext. 3568


Honors Physics in STEM Academy 4th block on A days

Dual Enrollment Engineering 4th block on B days