Hello and welcome to my website.  I'm one of five school psychologists in Harrisonburg City Public Schools.  I currently serve Skyline Middle School.  My main office is located on the 3rd Floor at the Central Office.

In addition to being a school psychologist, I will be serving as Coordinator of Psychological and Student Services.  This role includes providing collaboration and professional development for all school psychologists, school social workers, and school counselors to best meet the needs of our students. This academic year we will be providing a series of eight different parent outreach events.  Our focus is to share information and resources to support families, students, and professionals. 



Harrisonburg City Public School Psychologists


 Other Division School Psychologists

Maria Toggas

  • Stone Spring Elementary School
  • Thomas Harrison Middle School

Erin King

  • Smithland Elementary School
  • Division Preschool

Ethan Zook

  • Keister Elementary
  • Spotswood Elementary


Christy Henderson

  • Waterman Elementary
  • Harrisonburg High School








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