K-2 Newcomer Program

Students in our K-2 Newcomer Program are new to the American school system and the English language.   Students spend between one and two hours each day with the newcomer teacher.

K-2 Newcomer Program Information

James Elwell- Keister

Kimberley Atkins- Spotswood

Marcella Rogers- Stone Spring

Patty Baer- Waterman

K-2 Newcomer Program Goals

-Students will be provided with a safe learning environment in the newcomer program and will be able to take risks in learning social and academic English.

 -Students will learn basic language skills that will allow them to actively participate in their classroom.

 -Students may participate in the K-2 newcomer program for up to 24 weeks (but no more than two twelve week cycles).


The following units of study are taught in the K-2 newcomer program:

Daily Routines

All About Me


Family and Home

Friends and Community

Weather and Seasons

K-2 Newcomer Entrance Criteria

First and Second grade newcomers:

At the beginning of the school year, any current first or second grade student who arrived after the end of the fifth sixth weeks in Kindergarten or First grade as a newcomer will be considered for K-2 newcomer services through collaboration with the administration, ESL specialist, and classroom teachers using the newcomer checklist and spring 2010 IPT scores.

Any first or second grader who is newly enrolled at the Welcome Center and is a newcomer will be serviced at the beginning of the school year in the K-2 newcomer program.

 During the first week of school the newcomer teacher will visit classrooms of the newcomer students and become acquainted with the students.


 It is important that all Kindergarten students participate in regular classroom activities during the first six weeks of school.  At the end of the first six weeks, kindergarten students will be considered for placement in the K-2 program in consultation with the ESL specialist, administration and classroom teacher. 

 Any kindergarten student who is newly enrolled at the Welcome Center after the first six weeks and is a newcomer will be serviced in the K-2 newcomer program.

K-2 Newcomer Exit Criteria


  • Say and write the letters of the Roman alphabet
  •  Tell name, age, grade, address, phone number, native country, and birthday
  • Request permission to use the bathroom
  • Express basic emotions
  • Use basic expressions of courtesy, greetings, and departures
  • Listen to, understand, and respond to common teacher directions
  • Use simple weather vocabulary
  • Understand and respond to American non-verbal cues and gestures
  • Understand school environment
  • Comprehend and produce simple questions
  • Begin to use/understand terms related to time/calendar
  • Have a basic understanding of how many, color, size, and shape
  • Use common verbs-be, do, have
  • Form simple subject/verb agreement
  • Use basic positional words
  • Understand family relationships in American culture
  • Identify American foods, meals, and menu items
  • Name basic articles of clothing
  • Recognize and name basic body parts
  • Understands basic math terminology
  • Recognize and identify numbers 0-100


*Kindergarten – meet 50%; First Grade – meet 60%; Second Grade – meet 70%


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