Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

Aaannnnnd... We're off! The new semester has had quite a start, what with weather, early releases, testing, and delays!

We have gotten the hang of recording temperatures and moon phases and are starting to see patterns. We're also experimenting with the Scientific Method.

Next, we'll explore weather and the Earth's atmosphere.

During the entire semester we study the scientific method, as it pertains to answering an unknown question. We practice our skills in: Observation, Inquiry   (the question/ what do we want to learn about a topic), Hypothesis,  Research, Experiment, Data, Analysis and Conclusion. These can be tough concepts for kids. Please talk to your child to see what he/she is learning 

Thank you for your continued support of your child and our school!

Important Information and Dates:

Upcoming Events:
Feb. 2 - PTO Family Night at El Charros on East Market Street from 4:00-8:00
Feb. 3 - Personality Photos & Band/Choral Pictures
Feb. 3 - School Board Meeting @ 7:00
Feb. 5 - Early Dismissal and Parent Teacher Conferences from 2:00-7:00
Feb. 6 - School Day
Feb. 9 - PTO Meeting at 7:00
Feb. 13 - Bike/Walk to School
Feb. 17 - School Board Meeting @ 7:00
Feb. 21 - STEM Day @ Valley Mall
School Hours:  7:55-3:05
Early Release Time:  12:30


Ms. Coltrane

Last updated February, 2015

Daily Schedule

7:55 - 9:45   Core 1

9:47 - 11:30 Core 2

11:34 - 12:18 elective/PE

12:19 - 12:42 lunch

12:44 - 1:26 elective/ PE

1:30 - 3:05 Core 3


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