Green Sea Turtles by Jenny
Green Sea Turtle: Description/ Fun Facts
   There are all different kinds of sea turtles. On this web site you will learn about Green Sea Turtles.
    First of all Green Sea Turtles are usually up to five feet long. They weigh 500 to 700 pounds. Thats one heavy turtle.
    Every two to four years, at night, the females crawl on the beach and start to dig a hole to lay there eggs in. There eggs are almost perfectly circular and they lay about 100 at a time. These eggs hatch in about two months. After the eggs hatch they spend a year at sea called a lost year. During this time they drift and float with big mats of sea weed.
    Green sea turtles as well as other sea turtles can’t pull its head or other limbs in its shell. There are two parts of a sea turtle’s shell. The Carapace is the top part and the Plastron is the bottom part. It’s skin is a greenish color giving it the name Green Sea Turtle.
    The Green Turtle is an endangered species. The places where they eat and nest are vulnerable to humans because they are well known and unchanging. That is why despite being endangered they are killed for there meat, eggs, and other turtle products. Propellers accident, fishnet (caused drowning), and destruction of nesting also reduces there numbers.
Fun Fact: Green sea turtles can stay under water for somewhere up to five hours. Thats way longer than I can