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My name is Angie Adamek and this is my 18th year as Spotswood's school counselor. The Counseling program’s emphasis is developmental and preventive, and is for all students. My role as school counselor is to work with parents/guardians, teachers, and staff to make each child’s school experience as positive as possible. Throughout the school year, I teach classroom guidance lessons on topics such as showing respect for self and others and conflict resolution.  Small group counseling is provided to work with small groups of children with particular needs. These developmental groups typically focus on issues such as social skills, peer relationships, stress, and other topics as needs arise.

I am also available to work with children individually, as well as to talk with parents/guardians concerning their child. I welcome parents/guardians to conference with me about their child’s individual needs. If a child is experiencing stress at school or at home, I am here to help in any way that I can.

Feel free to contact me at 434-3429 or It is my pleasure to work with all of the children at Spotswood.  

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